İŞERİ LAW FIRM provides solutions by providing financial structuring, planning and support to many individuals and companies under bankruptcy law.
At this point ZAFER İŞERİ LAW FIRM provides;

  • Legal Analysis by identifying the legal strategy that should be implemented, preventing legal, tax or criminal sanctions, and ensuring the actual execution by determining the steps to be taken.
  • Interviews with borrowers due to personal or company receivables, opens of the execution and lawsuits that need to be opened and to carry out the necessary operations.
  • To start the tracking with receivables management, to lien on the assets of the debtor (securities, real estate and other rights and receivables) and then to carry out the collection of the goods by following the sale of the goods. To participate in the required protocol/contract work and/or to prepare contracts with creditors.
  • In case of postponement of bankruptcy; to develop strategies for debt collection and to follow processes.

    İŞERİ LAW FIRM, with the knowledge and experience gained in the field of international commercial law, provides solutions by providing support in the following areas.
    İŞERİ LAW FIRM provides;

  • To organize the contracts with foreign companies by rules of international law and to determine the necessary provisions considering the possible disputes arising from the contract.
  • For individuals and companies that want to invest abroad; to provide legal opinion to clients considering trade, foreign capital, tax, business and other legislation of the country to be invested.
  • To make assessments both in Turkish and international law in accordance by the disputes that may arise with foreign companies.
  • To organize franchising, distributorship, sole agency agreements.

    İŞERİ LAW FIRM serves in the following ways for disputes and agreements between the seller and the buyer with development of production and renewal of sales techniques day by day.

  • Litigations that arise from subscription contracts
  • Litigations that arise from defective goods
  • Litigations that arise from defective services
  • Litigations that arise from circuit holidays
  • Litigations that arise from guaranteed goods
  • Litigations that arise from unfair terms
  • Litigations that arise from door-to-door sales – distance sales
  • Litigations that arise from credit card contracts and usages
  • Litigations that arise from housing finance contracts
  • Litigations that arise from package tours
  • Litigations that arise from sales with installments and campaigns
  • Applications to Arbitration Committee for Consumer Problems
  • Litigations that arise from consumer credits
  • Applications by consumers that needs to make to Advertisement Committee
  • Applications by consumers that needs to make to Competition Committee

  • And in addition to the above service forms, Zafer Iseri Law Firm provides consumer law consultancy services.


  • All transactions of the national and foreign companies about the Chamber of Commerce
  • Creation of the necessary legal structure for the commercial activities of foreign natural and legal entity in Turkey, establishment and management of liaison offices
  • Establishment procedures of the Community of Companies, preparation of the main contracts, all legal affairs such as creation of share structure
  • IPO operations of joint stock companies, all transactions related to stocks and bonds
  • Preparation and amendment of the articles of association of the company
  • Change of type, merger, division, company purchase-sale
  • Necessary amendments to be made pursuant to the Turkish Commercial Code No. 6102
  • Participate by proxy to the Meetings of General Assembly and Board of Directors
  • Commercial litigations that arise from Purchase and Sale, Transport contracts
  • Liability case of board of directors and company partners
  • Disagreement and litigations that arise from company main agreement
  • Litigations that arise from franchise, distributorship, license, copyright, lease agreements
  • Cancellation of General Assembly resolutions, termination and liquidation of the company, litigations of remove from partnership
  • Litigations that arise from loan agreement

    İŞERİ LAW FIRM provides its clients with complete and customized consultancy services at every stage of the employee and employer relationship. The law firm’s lawyers provide our clients with not only daily consultancy services in terms of the decisions they will make in the field of labor law, but also consultancy in terms of long-term projects and help to eliminate the risks related to disputes arising from labor law.

  • Regulation of labor contracts and amendments to these contracts;
  • Taxation, fringe benefits, retirement, permissions;
  • Relations with labor unions;
  • Health and safety in the workplace;
  • Working hours;
  • The private life of the employees;
  • Protection of confidential data;
  • Discrimination;
  • Purchase of services from subcontractors;
  • Restructuring and dismissal;
  • Collective and individual dismissal;
  • Return to work;
  • Commercial business transfer, merger etc. the transfer of business contracts in transactions;
  • Resignation

    İŞERİ LAW FIRM provides services in the field of Administrative Law in order to prevent the victimization of our customers and to eliminate the grievances due to the administrative procedures or administrative actions that are established illegally.

  • All administrative applications to administrative authorities,
  • Attorneyship in annulment and full remedy action at Administrative Courts,
  • Attorneyship in Tax Courts,
  • Attorneyship in litigations as court of first instance at the Council of State,
  • Requisition to suspension of enforcement,
  • Attorneyship in privatization and expropriation litigations,
  • Attorneyship in litigations that phase of appeal at the Council of State,
  • Attorneyship in Military High Administrative Court,
  • Resolving disputes that arise from administrative penalties and tax crimes and penalties,
  • All kinds of legal consultancy and assistance,
  • Legal consultancy and attorney services are provided for disputes and remedies related to Municipal Law.

    Turkey’s rapid economic development and growing foreign investment, also led to an increase in legal disputes as well as criminal investigations and prosecutions. İŞERİ LAW FIRM, effectively meets all needs in the field about the Criminal Law.
    İŞERİ LAW FIRM, all kinds of criminal investigations, including fraud, misappropriation, document fraud and smuggling; represent real or legal persons who are suspects, defendants or victims and provides legal consultancy to them.

    Litigation Attorney Services
  • Criminal court of peace
  • Criminal court of first instance
  • Assize courts
  • Military criminal law
  • Criminal law enforcement
  • Be present in the investigation phase
  • Negotiating with transactions and creditors due to complaint of check

  • Consultancy Services
  • In cases of emergency legal aid there are representation and immediate intervention
  • Investigation and solution of actions and movements in criminal state
  • Supervision of criminal liability of trader
  • To inspection and to take the necessary measures of Foreign Exchange Law, Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law Legislation, Intellectual and Industrial Properity Rights Law

    Recognition and Enforcement Law
  • Lawsuits Against Foreign Judgments in Turkey, especially as the current and the applicable Overriding Divorce Proceedings To Be
  • To provide consulting services related to foreign real persons to inheritance law in Turkey

  • For detailed information


    In the field of International Transactions and Dispute Resolution, İşeri Law Firm represents both national and international commercial transactions and commercial disputes for both domestic clients and foreign clients. Turkish and / or ensure compliance with their national legislation Turkish and / or foreign clients in international commercial disputes solutions on the issues in dispute in Turkey or regardless will be resolved with which the international judicial or magistrate way, clients will be in favor, providing a versatile and unique consulting services to law.

  • Resolving disputes that arise from customs clearance
  • Resolving disputes related to customs clearance, transport, insurance and delivery of imported or exported products
  • Execution and enforcement of judicial decisions in foreign countries
  • Tracking of overseas receivables welded of export and import
  • Providing consultancy services to companies on investment incentives
  • Solution of disputes in free zones
  • Providing consultancy services in preparation of export documents
  • Preparation of defences against the prevention applications of unfair competition in imports

  • For detailed information
  • Individual application method to the Constitutional Court (scope of regulation in the Constitution and procedure to apply to the Constitutional Court)
  • Decision making from the Constitutional Court within the framework of individual application method (admissibility decision, interim measures, determination of whether a right has been violated and what should be done in order to eliminate the consequences of the violation, retrial, payment of compensation or re-opening the case in the general court…)
  • The effect of Constitutional Court decisions and the application of these decisions within the framework of individual application method